Mountains and Viewpoints on Koh Samui

Koh Samui Nature Trips

A trip to the interior mountains is a great experience and lots of fun. Koh Samui presents itself with breathtaking panoramic views.

concrete tracks into the hillsIn the past there were only severely eroded gravel paths used by fruit farmers to bring their crop to the markets. Recently many tracks into the hills have been upgraded with concrete, giving easier access to everyone.

Open jeeps carry groups of visitors into the nisland interiorIs a jeep an environmentally friendly vehicle in Samui’s ecosystem? The answer is ‘no’ and ‘yes’.

When guests like to visit the island interior and the mountain viewpoints, joining a tour group and sharing one vehicle with ten or twelve other visitors is the better and safer alternative.

Hua Thanon beachSouth eastern view of Koh Samui: Hua Thanon Beach

Hills over Lamai Beach in eastern Koh SamuiView from the hills over Lamai Bay at the eastern shores of Koh Samui.

View towards Maenam Bay and Koh Phangan at the northern horizon.Noerthern view towards Koh Phangan

"Overlap Stone" is a popular sightseeing destination on Koh SamuiAn impressive granite boulder at the hill slope: Overlap Stone above Lamai

Overlap Stone panoramaPanoramic view from Overlap Stone is fascinating.

Everest viewpoint restaurantSmall inns sprung up at many popular mountain sightseeing points. Here: Everest viewpoint restaurant and terrace.

beautiful blossoms line the entrance wayTropical plants and flowers flourish in Koh Samui’s mountains.

Outstanding view across the hills of Koh SamuiBeautiful and serene impressions at the viewpoints.

Everest viewpointWe made it to the top!

Koh Samui's Maenam in the foreground, Koh Phangan not far on the horizon.… and were rewarded with this view.

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