Creations of the Asian Isles

Creations of the human imagination using what scrap-yards throw into melting potsThroughout the Kingdom of Thailand you will discover a plethora of historic and cultural sites, rituals and customs. The stunning wonders of Koh Samui and her sister islands will bring you back year after year to experience her beauty, and the decadence and splendor of her holiday facilities at the Coconut Resorts will bring you comforts that you have only dreamed of. There lurks with this beauty, creations borne from the minds of those whose dreams are far away from the shores and coconut trees that mark paradise.

An art genre has swept the world and some of its masters reside here on the island of Samui, tucked away from the madness of the outer world. As you enter the shops that scatter the island today, you will come face to face with some of the most unique artwork yet to stand upon our planet, and yet some of it you will discover comes from out of this world!Recycled Art: Chopper


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  1. On Samui says:

    Recycle Art seen advertised on the Internet
    I’ve heard of these and seen them advertised on the Internet… What are they?


  2. Screws, nuts and bolts melded together. You’ll need to use the zoom key on your computer to get a good look at each of the individual pieces of this artwork. They are made of things that the average man or mechanic would throw away. They are screws, nuts and bolts melded together with an imagination that has formed what we call today Recycled Art.

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