Give a Hoot!! Don’t Pollute!

Koh Samui a container graveyard?Give a Hoot, don’t Pollute!This early 1970’s slogan in North America should now become the slogan for the prestigious holiday resort island of Koh Samui. Now, with millions of visitors stepping off the sandy beaches of Koh Samui and into the stunning blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, there is a great danger of this 5-Star facility destination becoming a plastic bag and container graveyard.

Beach clean-upThere is only one solution for this issue that is growing by garbage bags full every day… Education. Internally the school systems that are in place are frantically educating their children on the necessities of proper disposal. Unfortunately, catastrophic remains lie on the beaches every day after a storm or high tides. As a visitor it is your responsibility to assist in the preservation of this island’s well-being, and we ask you humbly to help us. Refuse a bag at 7-11 or at a local grocery, and please…. Please…. Please dispose of your waste sensibly.

Every day after a storm or high tides lie dangers for the beaches

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2 Responses to Give a Hoot!! Don’t Pollute!

  1. Siamui says:

    Siamui: Outrageous to give plastic bags to everyone.
    If it’s such a big problem then why are facilities such as 7-11 not holding back on using plastic bags when not necessary? Isn’t the cost outrageous to give everyone plastic bag for everything? One time I think it was 4 bags I received for a single purchase!!

  2. Samui holiday maker knows about plastic bags. The problem in Thailand is that the plastic bags are so very cheap to purchase, and sadly enough they are also not recycled. So it’s all up to us to help them out! Do your part and show how aware we are of where this will lead them if they are not wiser in the future. And in the meantime, help out by not littering.

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