The Mountains of Samui – An Eco Tour Invitation

Jungle and mountains on Koh Samui
Jungle hikes on Koh SamuiFrom the bow of the ferry that makes its way from the ports of the mainland at Suratthani, the south-western pinnacles of Koh Samui grace some of the finest and most bravely built resorts. But if you look beyond their golden gates, perched on the crests of the mountains which plummet to the shallows of the Gulf of Thailand below, the scenery rises far behind untouched, beckoning to those who have the skills to explore them on foot.

Stream, waterfalls and mountain peaksMountain waterfall Hin LadIt takes but a short excursion to find your way to the base of your private eco-tour. No need to hire a guide, no need to pay for someone to make you climb a mountain, and there is no need to return to civilization until you find your peace with nature. The beauty of such an expedition is that once you begin, you’ll find yourself searching the horizons for more challenges that call to you.

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  1. Mae Nam says:

    Refresh in your Coconut Resort pool after mountain hiking
    Is it safe to explore alone the mountains on Koh Samui? Is there dangerous wildlife?

  2. Holiday makers at Samui Villas Throughout Thailand there are snakes, spiders and other crawling insects that bite, most of which are not poisonous. Care does need to be taken, but just remember to make noise on your jaunt. Snakes are afraid, more of you than you of them, and as far as anything large goes, you may see a wild dog or if you’re lucky a monkey. Other than that, avoid walking through spider webs.

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