Eco – Islands off of Koh Samui

South of Koh Samui is an archipelago of six small islands that are mostly uninhabited. One of these islands is Koh Matsum, which is about half an hour’s ride from Samui by long-tail boat. Koh Matsum, half an hour’s boat ride from Samui The appeal of the island lies not only in its fine beaches but environmentally in its unspoiled, green forests. The island is also a favourite of snorkelers due to its rich marine life dominated by vibrant soft coral.
It is also one of the better dive sites around Samui with black tip reef sharks occasionally spotted in the reefs. Within close proximity to Samui, approximately 3.5 kilometres away, found opposite the beaches by the Laem Sor pagoda, local officials have realised this island’s high potential as a tourism attraction. In fact, it has been reported that tourists visiting Koh Matsum are continually increasing. Koh Matsum is within close proximity to Samui, approximately 3.5 kilometres awayKoh Matsum has high potential as a tourism attraction

Since there is no existing plan or regulations to guide the future development of the island in the face of a growing tourism, the Department of Public Works and the city and country planning office of Suratthani province organised a project to draw up a tourism plan for Koh Matsum. The subsequent plan covers the administration and management of the island with the view to preventing problems that may arise when it becomes developed as a destination.

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  1. Quite often those with good intentions have hidden agendas for such land developments, particularly when they involve tourism within countries that survive on it. How is Koh Samui helping to keep these islands eco-friendly?

  2. The land owners of Koh Matsum have been requested to coordinate with the concerned government offices when putting up facilities so that the island’s ecosystem is protected from possible destruction. Koh Samui Mayor Ramnet Jaikwang says that while the tourists’ convenience is important in the development of Matsum Island, it should not under-mine the preservation of nature and environment. The head of the Thai Hotel Association (South-East Seashore), Ruengnam Jaikwang, prefers that Koh Matsum remain a destination for day tours. These leaders hope to keep Koh Samui as the aim for holidaying tourists, and that Matsum does not need to have accommodation like Koh Samui because of the close distance between the two islands. Tourists can stay on Koh Samui where there is an oversupply of resorts and hotels. Mr. Ruengnam believes that Koh Matsum should be developed and promoted as an eco-tourism destination.

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